Brett's Painted Bostons

AKC Boston Terriers- Traditional Tuxedo Bostons!

See below the FOOD information  for 2 puppy areas that work excellent - one indoor and one outdoor

FOOD - VITAMINS - FOR YOUR BABY  ***Please keep updated on the latest dog food recalls!!*** 
PAGE UPDATED ON March 8, 2019


When puppies go to their new homes, they are eating 


Please have some of this on hands when your baby goes home. (can get at PetSmart, Petco, or online). They will need 3-4 meals a day- as much as they will eat in 20 minutes, each feeding.

When they are almost a year old,  switch them gradually to NATURAL BALANCE adult- that is totally grain free.     

 I also like Fromm and Earthborne dog foods.

*NATURAL BALANCE is formulated where you can rotate the flavors so your fur family member will not tire of a certain flavor. They make several different varieties now!! We really like coat and health of our Bostons from the kibble that we feed.    *********** 




Check out this site when rating any dogfood:



 BELOW is a GREAT INDOOR PUPPY SET UP!!! Just x-pens put together with piping to hold a shape.  x-pens are reasonable $ on eBay.


 OUTSIDE PLAY AREA-  Below are puppies enjoying playing outside- there is also a cover you can get to go over the top - I use a sheet with clothes pins sometimes.

TOOT x  RANGER puppies DOB 1/5/18 -- 4.5 wks old, 3 F, running and playing. Love these little Tootsies!

JASMINE X APOLLO puppies- DOB 9/21/16  --  3.5 wks old,         1M 3F, Starting to play and bark.
Candy x Ch Buzz @ 7 wks of age    



 Candy x Ch Buzz @ 6 wks of age- below-






Beans x GCH Rockwell @ 7.5 wks of age.


Below at 6 wks of age






 BEANS x GCh Rockwell puppies @ 5 wks of age



 Pica x GrCh Rockwell @ 5 wks of age with their daddy, Gucci & Dolly




Pica x GCh Rockwell puppies 2F 1M @ 4 wks
Mason and Austin with Rockwell and Gucci



Rockwell and Gucci playing in the snow...



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