Brett's Painted Bostons

AKC Boston Terriers- Traditional Tuxedo Bostons!

Gucci - AKC, Blk Brindle Wh
CH T-Bo's One Man Show
CH Kennedy's Knoty Solo Act
CH Kennedy's Elite Maestro Teddy
CH Kennedy's Piano Man
CH Kennedy's Boston Pops
CH Kennedy's Crown Jewel-Bijou
Elite Kennedy's Summer Storm
CH Kennedy's Storm Watch Bramley
Elite Command's Seventies Style
CH Kennedy's Miya
CH Kennedy's Jack Of All Trades
CH O'Neil's Brien Duke Of Cork
CH Chasen Kennedy's I Heard A Rumor
Kennedy's Brie
CH Brandy's Kennedy-Rudolf Valntno
CH Kennedy's C'Est La Vie
CH T-Bo's Only Time Will Tell
CH Pequoag's Time Keeper For T-Bo
CH Kennedy's Bravo Play'n For Keeps
CH Brandy's Kennedy-Rudolf Valntno
Kennedy's Winning Ticket Loti
CH Pequoag's Designer Genes
CH Pat-Ed Pequoag NW Road Run'r
Pequoag Ms Valentine
CH Flashpoints Jamica Me Krazy
CH Flashpoints Cosmic Ray
CH Motif's Chance For Justice
CH Flashpoints The Cat's Meow
Flashpoint Southern Comfort By T-Bo
CH Alexander's Snorten Norten
CH T-Bo's Country Sunshine
Johnlee's Lil Chiquita
Rosco P. Coltrane
Cromer's Baby Peanut
Spuds Mackenzie III
Logsdon's Buckwheat Boggie
Gladden's Pretty Buttons
Saudy Bluff Taffy
Maxwell Lucky Dunston
Sawdy Bluff Rockey Roxie
Kamanchey's Kassey
Kamanchey Labron Scott
LL Buster Bootie
Chelseas Little Tessia
Snake-Eyed Milly
Alexander's Snake-Eye
Riley Maggie Garrett
Johnlee's Daisy Duke
Whitaker's Little Man Slugger
Sid's Tuffy
Whitaker's Buster Brown II
Cissie's Hello Dolly
Cissie's Silly Corky
Whitaker's Buster Brown II
Lil Miss Pepperment Patty
Precocious Miss Pixie
C.C.'s Little Man
Chormans Corky
Madame Ce Ce De La Mutte'
Precious Little Girl
Chormans Corky
Madame Ce Ce De La Mutte'