Brett's Painted Bostons

AKC Boston Terriers- Traditional Tuxedo Bostons!

Updated on January 13, 2020

***Latest News***


***Puppies on the way***

Ch Gr Sired Missy x Ch Sired Franklin  (will update   if   pregnancy is confirmed  -   not sure yet if she is )

***Due To Cycle Any Time***


Ch Gr Sired Nikita x Maverick or Franklin

Planned Future Breedings

GCh Sired Bunny x Maverick?

GCh Sired Holly x GCH Rockwell

GCh Sired Candee x GChP Sired Apollo

GChS Sired Raven x Ch Sired Franklin

*** Choices of planned sires could change when the time comes for breeding.

I NO NOT Offer Full - Breeding- Registry AKC- ALL puppies are adopted on a Spay/Neuter Agreement!!!


***Painted Bostons retains the right of first pick of Any litter.

If you are too far away to drive, even for me to meet you up to (2) two hours out (for gas fee),  I'd be happy to fly your puppy to you in cabin to your airport- hand deliver (for fee + my ticket) OR prefer to meet you at my airport for a face to face meeting with your puppy before you fly him/her back with you.

PUPPIES CAN LEAVE FOR THEIR NEW HOMES WHEN THEY ARE   8 WEEKS OF AGE.  **Puppies are expected to be picked up (or meet to get him/her)  by 8 wk's of age--

**If we keep your puppy longer than 8 wks of age extra fees will apply.